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Mystery of the Trees:  Native American Markers of a Cultural Way of Life that Soon May be Gone,
Don & Diane Wells With Dr. John Nardo, Robert Wells & Lamar Marshall

In the book Mystery of the Trees, Don and Diane Wells spent six years documenting a rapidly disappearing part of the cultural heritage of the Indians.  Indian trail trees are sacred to the Native Americans, and their preservation is very important.  While many of these trees can live to be 300 to 600 years old, some are near the end of their lives. 

Some of the trees are found marking old Indian trails.  Others point to water, shelter, or stream crossings.  The techniques for bending a tree into a particular shape have, for the most part, been lost.  These "living artifacts" are a testimony to the skills and knowledge of the Indian people and their oneness with nature.

Paper cover, spiral bound, 218 pages, full color illustrations and photographs, 6 x 8.5".

1-4507-8174-9     Mystery of the Trees     $23.95


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